94% Answers


Can you answer all levels in without using cheats? of course very difficult, even me sometimes also use cheats to answer questions for difficult level. Game provide different challenges than most word games, but when I observe, this game like a TV quiz which participants obliged to answer an survey questions.

Use Cheats to Solve 94%

Sometimes I found the question which very easy to guess, but mostly i cannot solve all survey in each level and may be only 80% survey which guessed by me and if its too difficult to solve then I will use my coin to make the difficult level easier to answer. What if all coins have been used? if this happens I usually will reset the game and repeat from the beginning, it is quite tiring to complete this game, but I got the pleasure if i can finish the game quickly and share the result in this website

game made by scimob and only distributed for the United States, France, Spain and New Zealand. If you are outside the country which granted access to download, you can use the VPN with US or France IP. Although I did not make the answer for French and Spanish language but you can also translate this cheats to English.


A change of …
a cup of coffee picture
A dangerous job
A good place to party
A pair of …
Adjectives to describe height
Animals hatched from eggs
A … table
A bag of …
A beaver picture
A pot of
Animals without claws
A ball of
A box of
A personal flaw
A good quality in a person
A scientist and vegetables picture
Animal with hooves
A plumber man picture
Animals with horns
94% At night
A bear family picture
A princess
A clock picture
A gamer picture
A country in africa
A country in Asia
A dna picture
Annoying sounds
94% A luxury brand
A detective”s equipment
Anyone can cook this
94% A boring gift
94% Art Movements
94% A hunter picture
94% Animals that jump or hop
A synonym for “intelegent”
A useful foreign language
94% A celebrity known by only one name
94% A cure for hiccups
94% A food that is messy to eat
94% A vegetable people eat raw
A last-minute gift idea
A difficult stain to remove
A green fruit
A movie that makes people cry
Activities families do together
An instrument you don’t picture a child playing
Anteater picture
94% A job for which you wear gloves
94% Alaska
A moose picture
A movie set on a boat
A place where people listen to the radio
A type of natural disaster
A …. pool
A synonym for nerd
A disgusting job
A job a kid can do to earn money
A job that requires a lot of math
A Michael Jackson song
A place where you have to be quiet
A company with an animal in its logo
A disposable product
A reason someone might stay up all night
A sail boat picture
A TV show that is always on reruns
An animal that climbs trees
94% A bed you don’t sleep in
A common wedding gift
A food with a country/nationality in its name
A food you crack open to eat
A place you’d hide something
A typical souvenir
An Asian language
An invention that changed the world
Another word for zero
Answering test picture
Austronaut picture
A highly populated country
A song that has its own dance
Archaeologist picture
An item in a baby book
A well known Spanish word
94% A job in which someone works outside
94% A number you memorize
94% A way parents punish kids
94% Aerobic in pool picture
94% An animal with a long tail
A country known for its ancient ruins
A device that is no longer used
A food you don’t chew
A reason you’d quickly close car windows
94% A place that might have a waiting list
94% A sport in which you hit something
94% A way you can tell someone is lying
94% A wild animal you’d find in a city
94% Archery aim picture

bee and flower picture
beehive bee picture
Bird toucan Picture
bulls and landrover picture
Beer cheers picture
Build a house picture
Boys names ending in L
Breakfast food
94% Baloon pictures
94% Black egg picture
94% Book shelf picture
94% Broken jail window picture
94% Back to school
94% Baby drinking milk picture
Boxing gloves picture
94% Boat deck picture
Boomerang picture
Bowling ball and pin picture
Bungee jumping picture
Breakdance picture
Bathing picture
Bottle at a beach picture
94% Baby mess picture

Cactus pictures
Car painting picture
cart in supermarket picture
chalk at board pictures
checking electricity picture
cheetah picture
Child in plane toy
Children love it
Countries in South America
Countries involved in WWII
Cat inside bucket picture
Children still belive in it
Cooking terms used in recipes
Couple build furniture
Clown with balloons picture
Car Brands
Cold countries
94% Canned food
94% Card games
Cylindrical objects
Cleaning supplies
94% Cargo ship picture
94% Car offroad picture
94% China
94% Cities in canada
94% Chocolate chick picture
94% Colorful dog picture
94% Cooking techniques
94% Cosmetics picture
94% Colloseum picture
Clown Picture
94% Command control table picture
94% Cruise ship picture
Chocolate vending machine picture
Country with a star/stars on its flag
Country famous for its wine
Country with blue on its flag
Celebrity with a mustache
94% Candles and bulb picture
Couple tourist with map picture
94% China great wall picture
Cowboy hat picture
Cut banana picture
Cut beard picture
Cars race picture
Christmas decorations
Colorful toys picture
94% Clothing trends from the 80s
Cowboy with lasso picture

Dice picture
DIY tools
do half Moon picture
Dolphin in pool picture
Donut picture
Dog training picture
94% Disneyland
94% Dog jump to lake picture
94% Disney villains
Defibrillator picture
Diving with okay sign picture
94% Drummer picture

eggs picture
elephant in mud picture
Equipment used by Indiana Jones
Exotic fruit
English words starting with “y”
Excuse for being late
Earth and 3 green arrows
Excavator picture
english word that start with q
94% Elephant swim picture
English words that end with ‘x’
English words that begin with “ph”
Eye mascara picture
Eggroll picture

factory picture
Feet in a water picture
Firefighter trucks picture
First thing you do in the morning
flour egg and butter picture
formula car
formulas picture
french fries picture
Fruit with seeds or pits
Fattering food
Fruit that doesn’t grow on trees
First thing you do when you get home from work
Footprint in desert picture
Finger push button picture
Flying bat picture
Famous bald people
Famous blonds
Fish Picture
94% Famous monuments
Famous dogs
Fishing picture
94% France
94% Freedom
94% Fall from bike picture
94% French words used in english
94% Five-letter animals
94% Food on a kid’s menu
Fortune cookie picture
Fixing sensor picture
Fruit in a blender picture
94% Ferris wheel tickets picture
Famous redheads
Fix watch picture
Florist create flower bouquet picture
Fencing sports picture

girl with binoculars
girl with cup
Girl’s names ending in A
glass with red wine picture
Green vegetables
Girl in a train picture
Girl legs picture
Garage tools picture
Geometric shapes
Girl drink milk picture
Green hills picture
94% Girl boxer picture
94% Girl running picture
94% Game controller picture
Girl and man with Germany costume hold beer picture
Girl with puppet picture
Glasses facing river picture
Gardening picture

Hammer hand and nail picture
hand shake picture
Harry Potter
Herbivorous animals
Horseshoe picture
house farm and mountain picture
94% Hand with blue gloves picture
94% Hot countries
94% Hunting tools picture
94% Heart …
Hand x-ray picture
Hand and clay picture
Hold your…
Hippo picture
Horse Picture
94% Hair cut picture
94% Hand painting picture
Hand ….
Horse and girl picture

I wish my boyfriend/girlfriend was more…
It gets dirty quickly
It grows quickly
It makes you feel better when you are sick
It makes you happy
It makes you laugh
It produces heat
It smells good
It weighs over a ton
It’s good for you, but you don’t like it
It’s difficult to say
It’s bring bad luck
It’s forbidden on a plane
It’s good cooked but not raw
It’s itchy
It’s red
It’s round
It’s slow
It’s soft
It’s sweet
It’s useful for the elderly
Its yellow
Imaginary creatures
It’s blue
Interview picture
It rolls
It stings
It’s bitter
It’s green
Ice picture
It gets better with time
Ice cream stick picture
94% It used to be fashionable
94% It’s salty
94% Ikea
94% It costs less than a dollar
94% It keeps you awake
94% Ireland
94% Irrigation picture
94% It Floats
94% It brings back memories
94% It can be lowered
I’m proud of my …
94% I listen to music when i…
94% Island nations
It’s black and white
It has a hole in its center
Ice cream toppings
It’s sharp
Ingredients in sushi
It has spots
It’s multicolored
Indian food picture
It sinks
It’s impossible
It’s thin
It’s precious to you

James Bond
japan house & lake picture
jelly fish picture
jesus statue picture
Job you wanted to do when you were a kid
Jobs that involve travelling
94% Japan
Jobs that require a uniform
Japan gate picture
Japanese words in english
94% Jump rock picture
Jobs that require a very early morning start
94% Johnny Depp roles

kids with binoculars
Knight picture
Karate with sword picture
94% Kids birthday party picture
94% Kids bring this home from school

Las Vegas
log pile pictures
Ladybug Picture
94% Lake and mountain picture
Lawn mower picture
Little girl with pink sweater picture

Make up
man snoring pictures
Marine animals
Matches picture
men stressed picture
Means of communication
Means of transportation
Medical specialists
Man hiking picture
94% Man waiting at laundry
94% Magic hat picture
94% Many people are allergic to it
94% Marvel comics heroes
94% Middle ages
Man with red tie picture
94% Married picture
94% Movies titles that contain numbers
Market snow picture
Movies about alien
94% Monk meditation picture
Milkshake picture
Mall picture
Mythological characters

Noise heard in a city
Notebook mouse and glasses
94% Natural disaster’s
New years eve
Nocturnal animal
New year’s resolutions

Objects that have a screen
Objects that have buttons
Old records
onion picture
Old Ruins Picture
94% Other than family someone you see everyday

Parts of a car
Parts of an airplane
pasta maccaroni pictures
Payment methods
People collect them
People crossing street
Percussion instruments
picnic picture
pills picture
Pink ice cream cone picture
pizza picture
Pizza toppings
Pregnant woman
penguins at snow picture
Pyramid picture
Parts of a horse
Pilot in cockpit picture
People hiking picture
Picnic basket picture
Projector picture
Painter picture
People hold a paper picture
Playground games
Photography Equipment
94% Parking Airplane picture
94% Parts of a boat
94% Pet
94% Polar bear at Ice
Plastics picture
Punctuation marks
Painting materials
Pumpkin head pictures
94% Pedicure
94% Popular web sites
94% Party crowd picture
94% Popular tattoos
Plastic surgery
Picture boy standing on a beach
94% Picture in classroom push cpr dummy
People do this when they retire
People with yellow suit picture
People may lie about this on dating profiles
Play chess picture
Princess with frog picture
94% Play guessing game with friends picture

Running picture
Rocket picture
Radio active barrel picture
Rice plant picture
94% Race pit stop picture
94% Rice dishes
94% Rose….
Reasons people honk car horns
Russian doll picture
94% Rome
Red carpet picture

San Francisco
sombrero hat pictures
Something everyone has played
Something found in a castle
Something found in the living room
Something that requires a ticket
something used for cooking
Something you can no longer live without
Something you do before you go to bed
something you do while on the phone
Something you never have enough time to do
Something you often lose
something you use every day
Sounds animals make
spa massage picture
species of fish
Star Wars
String instruments
Student raise hand
suitcase & sign at beach picture
Shades of blue
silver ring picture
Slang for money
Something that foams
Something you can open
Something you celebrate
Sports played without a ball
Squirrel picture
Sauna picture
Shades of yellow
Something you need on a desert island
Something that melts
Something crunchy
School supplies
Something found in the bathroom
Something you eat in one bite
Something you never run out of at home
Something you smash
Space and satellite picture
Something you miss when on vacation
Something you raise
Shark Picture
Something that will exist in 2050
Something you ate when you were a kid
Synonym for teacher
94% School
Something sticky
Scuba diving picture
Sheep picture
Sea rocks picture
94% Sales
94% Snakes
94% Snow machine picture
94% Sometimes you do multiple times a day
94% Skeleton at beach picture
94% Seafood
94% Shades of red
Something in a first aid kit
94% Skiing Picture
94% Something parents always say to kids
94% Something that gets smaller over time
94% Something you do when it snows
94% Something you save
94% Sun…
Scientist in lab chemistry picture
Something for which airlines charge extra
Something that makes a dog bark
Santa on ladder picture
Something a teacher would take away from a student
Something people eat on a diet
Something you save up to buy
Something you’d do if you didn’t have to work
94% Something at a wedding
94% Something detectives look for at a crime scene
94% Something of which you wish you had more
94% Something people like to do when it rains
94% Something people might share on a date
94% Something sold in a drug store
94% Something that happens a lot on soap operas
94% Something you find in a wallet
94% Something you’d find under the bed
94% Signing receipt delivery picture
94% Something you close your eyes to do
94% Something you shouldn’t talk about on a first date
94% Something you smell before you buy it
94% Something you’d ask a stranger
Skunk picture
Something kids hate
Something people chase
Something people do while driving
Something people don’t like doing alone
Something pirates say
Something slipery
Something that gets buried
Something that might wash up on the beach
Something you buy on a roll
Something you do to wake up when you’re tired
Something you may find in a tree
Something electric you use in the morning
Something people take from hotel rooms
Something people wax
Something you buy that’s already full of holes
Something you can see but cannot touch
Something you fix with tape
Spices in sack picture
Swan picture
Something associated with psychics
Something old people and babies have in common
Something people put in a time capsule
Something you shoot
Something that can be ruined by a scratch
Something you flip
Something you have more than one of in your refrigerator
94% Something for which you have insurance
94% Something sold on infomercials
94% Something you do in front of a mirror
94% Something you find under couch cushions
94% Something you prefer to do alone
94% Somewhere you expect to stand in line
Something a cowboy wears
Something kids do at a sleepover
Something that needs wind to function
Something that you pop
Something you don’t want to see when camping
Something you find in a courtroom
Something you worry you forgot to do before leaving home
Something for which a Boy Scout would earn a badge
Something that helps you sleep
Something you shake
Soccer Sport camera picture
Something of which we like to take pictures
Something that grows on a vine
Something you stretch
Subjects of country music songs
Sit neat fireplace with 2 mug tea picture
Something a parent might borrow from a child
Something you take fishing
Student test picture
Styles of dance
94% Something people do on roller coasters
94% Something that has a shell
94% Something you wheel around
94% Sports you do while seated
Something a magician uses
Something people are chased by in movies
Something you’d rather pay someone to do for you
94% Someone real or fictional with lots of muscles
94% Something for which you use water every day
94% Something you hold very carefully

Things associated with Brazil
Things associated with Egypt
Things that go around
Things used by police officer
Things you can dilute
Things you find in a pencil case
Things you see in the sky
Things you wear around your neck
Tools used for gardening
Types of dogs
Types of music
Types of rodents
The circus
There are lot in France
Things found in a tube
Things at the fair
Types of fabric
Things that light up
Three letter animals
Types of boats
Types of Shoes
Things you catch
Things in a handbag
Things on your night stand
The Hairdresser
Things you can grow
The Jungle
Toys for girls
Teen playing toy plane
Toys for boys
The Olympic Games
The Oscars
94% Team sports
94% Types of coats
The Zoo
Things found in a bedroom
Things that run on batteries
Types of closures on clothing
The best superpower
Things you take on picnic
94% Taxi
The first thing you wash in the shower
Things that have a remote control
Things you get delivered
Things you shout
Types of gemstones
Types of spices / herbs
94% Things in a doctor”s exam room
94% Things you find in your refrigerator
94% Types of flowers
94% Things in a restaurant
94% Things in an airport
94% Types of tree
94% Things on a CEO”s desk
94% Things you buy online
94% Types of pasta
94% The Beatles song
Things at a bowling alley
Things that can go wrong on vacation
94% Things associated with Hawaii
94% Things at a kid’s birthday party
94% Three-letter body part
94% Tree and building picture
94% Types of nut
The most annoying household chore
Things associated with India
Things that require a license or permit
94% Telephone booth picture
94% Tepee Native marican tent
94% Things that smell good, but taste bad
94% Things you always put off for the next day
94% The first thing you do when you get in the car
94% The first thing you’d grab if your house was on fire
The three…
Tug of war picture
Things associated with Greece
Telescope picture
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
94% Texting in front table picture
Tattoo machine picture
Take a ….
Tarot picture
Things found on a movie set
The bigger the better
Things that need water
Tired reading books picture

Underwater picture
94% Unit of measurement
Umbrella in rain picture

van at beach
Very slow animals
Venice boats picture
94% Volcano eruption picture
94% Vampire costume picture

Wake up late
wind instruments
woman looking painting
wood log and axe picture
Word used by the weatherman
Words that end with Z
Watching movie pictures
woman riding motorcycle picture
Watching airplane take off picture
Welding picture
Well paid job
Words that begin with a silent letter
Wine bottle
Words that end with double letters
Ways to kill time
Words that begin with double letters
woman stomach picture
94% Walnut picture
94% White party chair picture
Whale orca jump picture
Wagon picture
Wildebeest pictures
Woman inside cave picture
94% Winter sports
Wolf with sled picture
Wall climbing picture
94% Whisper picture
94% Worker move a bucket
94% Wine spill and lemon picture

you can’t buy it
you eat with bread
You eat it raw
Your biggest fears
You do this when you’re bored
94% Yoga Class picture
94% You get more of this as you age
Yellow hard hat picture
You do this to save money
You put them in your ears
94% You fill it with air
94% You put it on a burger
Yoga class picture
You eat it by the slice
You get nervous before doing this
You have more than two of these on your body
94% You Google it
You always forget to buy this at the supermarket
You do this on a plane
94% You put it on a wall

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